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Improved Lipophilic Probe for Visualizing Lipid Droplets in Erastin-Induced Ferroptosis.

Deeksha Rajput, Paramasivam Mahalingavelar, Virupakshi Soppina* and Sriram Kanvah*

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, (Accepted) (2023).

47) Fluorescent Styryl Pyridine-N-Oxide Probes for Imaging Lipid Droplets.

Yogesh Dubey, Paramasivam Mahalingavelar, Deeksha Rajput, Dipeshwari Shewale, Virupakshi Soppina*, Sriram Kanvah*.

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, (Accepted) (2023).


N-Functionalized fluorophores: detecting urinary albumin and imaging lipid droplets.
Mohini Ghorpade, Ramprasad Regar, Virupakshi Soppina* and Sriram Kanvah*
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 21, 6995-7004 (2023).


KIF1A-mediated neurodegenerative mutations modulate the mechanochemical properties of the KIF1A motor domain.
Dipeshwari J. Shewale#, Pushpanjali Soppina and Virupakshi Soppina*
BioRxiv, 10, June: 1-42 (2023).


Mitochondrial Probes with Rapid HOCl Detection in Live-Cells. 
Deeksha Rajput, Paramasivam Mahalingavelar, Virupakshi Soppina* and Sriram Kanvah* 
ChemBioChem , 24(15): e202300084 (2023).


Aggregation Induced Emitting Cyanostilbenes for Live Cell Imaging of Lipid Droplets. 
Rahul Dahiwadkar, Deepmala Singh, Deeksha Rajput, Virupakshi Soppina* and Kanvah, Sriram* 
New Journal of Chemistry, 47: 10016-10024 (2023). (Accepted) 


Imaging of Mitochondria/Lysosome in Live cells and C.elegans. 
Deepmala Singh, Regar Ramprasad, Pushpanjali Soppina, Virupakshi Soppina* and Sriram Kanvah*
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 21, 2220-2231 (2023).

Synbiotic intervention ameliorates oxidative stress and gut permeability in an in vitro and in vivo model of ethanol-induced intestinal dysbiosis.
Dhara Patel, Chirayu Desai, Deepmala Singh, Virupakshi Soppina, Kirti Parwani, Farhin Patel and Palash Mandal*
Biomedicines, 10: 3285 (2022)

Microtubule-associated Molecular Motors: Transport Mechanisms and Role in disease.
Virupakshi Soppina*, Xin Xiang*, Senthil Arumugam*
Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 10:1106435 (2022).

Imaging of Lipid Droplets using Coumarin Fluorophores in Live Cells and C.elegans.
Deepmala Singh, Pushpanjali Soppina, Virupakshi Soppina* and Sriram Kanvah*
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, 237:112589 (2022).

Single-molecule analysis of Sf-9 purified superprocessive Kinesin-3 family motors.
Pushpanjali Soppina, Dipeshwari J. Shewale, Pradeep Kumar Naik and Virupakshi Soppina
The Journal of Vizualized Experiments (JoVE), 185: e63837 (2022).


Kinesin-3 Motors are Fine-Tuned at the Molecular Level to Endow Distinct Mechanical Outputs.
​Pushpanjali Soppina, Nishaben M. Patel, Dipeshwari J. Shewale, Ashim Rai, Sivaraj Sivaramakrishnan, Pradeep Kumar Naik and Virupakshi Soppina*
BMC Biology, 20:117 (2022).


Lutidine Derivatives for Live-Cell Imaging of Mitochondria and Endoplasmic Reticulum.
Deepmala Singh, Dipeshwari J. Shewale, Aakash Sengupta, Virupakshi Soppina* & Sriram Kanvah*
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 20(35):7047-7055 (2022)


Toxicological impact and in vivo tracing of rhodamine functionalised ZIF-8 nanoparticles.
Prateek Goyal#, Pushpanjali Soppina#, Superb K. Misra, Eva-Valsami Jones, Virupakshi Soppina* and Swaroop Chakraborty*
Cell Frontiers in Toxicology, 4: 917749 (2022)


Effect of binding-affinity and ATPase activity on the velocities of Kinesins using ratchet models.
Roopsha Mukherjee, Pushpanjali Soppina, Nishaben M. Patel, Virupakshi Soppina and Kaustubh Rane*.
Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics, 80: 31–38 (2022). 


CuO Nanoparticles as Copper Ion Reservoirs for Elesclomol-Mediated Intracellular Oxidative Stress: Implications for Anticancer Therapies.
Swaroop Chakraborty, Prabhat Prakash. Juhi Shah, Chaithra Mayya, Sanjay Singh, Raghavan Ranganathan,  Virupakshi Soppina, Eugenia Valsami-Jones and Superb K. Misra.  
ACS Applied Nano Materials, 5(1): 1607–1620 (2022).


Novel dual labelled nanoprobes for Nanosafety studies: Quantification and imaging experiment of CuO nanoparticles in C.elegans.
Pravalika Butreddy, Swaroop Chakraborty, Pushpanjali Soppina, Rakesh Behera, Virupakshi Soppina and Superb K. Misra.
Chemosphere: 286(Pt 2):131698 (2022).


KIF13A Motors are Regulated by Rab22A to Function as Weak Dimers inside the Cell. 
Nishaben M. Patel, Meenakshi Sundaram Aravintha Siva, Ruchi Kumari, Dipeshwari J. Shewale, Ashim Rai, Michael Ritt, Prerna Sharma, Subba Rao Gangi Setty, Sivaraj Sivaramakrishnan and Virupakshi Soppina*.

Science Advances, 7(6): eabd2054 (2021).


Non-stoichiometric amorphous TiOx as a highly reactive, transparent anti-viral surface coating.
Ravi Tej Mittireddi#, Nishaben M. Patel#, Abhay Raj Singh Gautam, Virupakshi Soppina and Emila Panda.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 881(10): 160610 (2021).


Stress-Responsive Rhodamine Bioconjugates for Membrane-Potential-Independent Mitochondrial Live-Cell Imaging and Tracking. 
Tarushyam Mukherjee, Ramprasad Regar, Virupakshi Soppina* and Sriram Kanvah*.
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 19: 10090-10096 (2021).


Live-Cell Imaging of Nucleolus and Mapping Mitochondrial Viscosity with a dual function fluorescent probe.
Tarushyam Mukherjee, Virupakshi Soppina*, Ludovic R, Mely Y, AS, Klymchenko, Collot M and Sriram Kanvah*. 
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 19(15): 3389-3395 (2021).


Live-cell Imaging of Lipid Droplets by Solvatochromic Coumarin Derivatives.
Palash Jana#, Meenakshi Sundaram Aravintha Siva#, Virupakshi Soppina* and Sriram Kanvah*.
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry , 18: 5608-5616 (2020).


Imaging mitochondria and plasma membrane in live cells using solvatochromic styrylpyridines.
Tarushyam Mukherjee, Meenakshi Sundaram Aravintha Siva, Komal Bajaj, Virupakshi Soppina* and Sriram Kanvah*.
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, 203: 111732 (2020).


A Non-electric and Affordable Surface Engineered Particle (SEP) based Point-of-Use (POU) Water Disinfection System.
Deepa Dixita, Virupakshi Soppina and Chinmay Ghoroi.

Scientific Reports, 9: 18245 (2019).


Fluorescence enhancement of cationic styrylcoumarin-cucurbit[7]uril complexes: Enhanced stability and cellular membrane localization.
Palash Jana, Traushyam Mukherjee, Khurana R, Barooah N, Virupakshi Soppina, Mohanty J and Sriram Kanvah.  
Journal  Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 384: 112062 (2019).


A “Turn-On” Michler’s Ketone-benzimidazole Fluorescent Probe for Selective Detection of Serum Albumins
Palash Jana , Nishaben M. Patel, Tarushyam Mukherjee, Virupakshi Soppina and Sriram Kanvah
New Journal Chemistry, 43: 10859 (2019).


Motor dynamics underlying cargo transport by pairs of kinesin-1 and kinesin-3 motors
Goker Arpag, Stephen R. Norris, Iman S. Mousavi, Virupakshi Soppina, Kristen Verhey, Will Hancock and Erkan Tuzel.
Biophysical Journal , 116(6): 1115-1126 (2019).


Cationic Red-Emitting Probes for the Rapid and Selective Detection of SO2 Derivatives in Aqueous and Cellular Environment.
Palash Jana, Nishaben M. Patel, Virupakshi Soppina and Sriram Kanvah. 
New Journal Chemistry, 43: 584 - 592 (2019).


Mapping the Processivity Determinants of the Kinesin-3 Motor Domain.
Guido Scarabelli#, Virupakshi Soppina#Xin-Qiu Yao, Joseph Atherton, Carolyn A. Moores, Kristen J. Verhey* and  Barry J. Grant*.

Biophysical Journal, 109(8):1537-1540 (2015).


Dimerization of mammalian kinesin-3 motors results in superprocessive motion.
Virupakshi Soppina*, Stephen R. Norris, Aslan S. Dizaji, Matt Kortus, Sarah Veatch, Michelle Peckham and Kristen J. Verhey*.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA, 111(15): 5562-5567 (2014).


The family-specific K-loop influences the microtubule on-rate but not the superprocessivity of kinesin-3 motors.
Virupakshi Soppina and Kristen J. Verhey. 
Molecular Biology of the Cell, 25(14): 2161-2170 (2014).


A method for multi-protein assembly in cells reveals action of kinesins in independent complex.
Stephen R. Norris, Virupakshi Soppina, Dizaji AS, Schimert KI, David Sept, Cai D, Sivaramakrishnan S and Kristen J. Verhey
Journal of Cell Biology, 207: 393-406 (2014).


Effects of α-tubulin K40-acetylation and detyrosination on kinesin-1 motility in a purified system.
Neha Kaul, Virupakshi Soppina and Kristen J. Verhey
Biophysical Journal, 106: 2636-2643 (2014).


Luminal localization of a-tubulin K40 Acetylation by Cryo-EM Analysis of Fab-Labeled Microtubules.
Virupakshi Soppina,  Jeffrey F. Herbstman, Georgios Skiniotis and Kristen J. Verhey.
PLoS One, 1(10): e48204 (2012).


Kinesin Assembly and Movement in Cells.
Kristen J. Verhey, Neha Kaul and Virupakshi Soppina
Annual Review of Biophysics, 40: 267-288 (2011).


Autoinhibition of the kinesin-2 motor KIF17 via dual intramolecular mechanisms.
Jennetta W. Hammond, T. Lynne Blasius, Virupakshi Soppina, Dawen Cai, Kristen J. Verhey.
Journal of Cell Biology, 189: 1013-1025 (2010).


Tug-of-war between Dissimilar Teams of Microtubule Motors Regulates Transport and Fission of Endosomes
Virupakshi Soppina, Arpan Kumar Rai, Avin Jayesh Ramaiya, Pradeep Barak, and Roop Mallik.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA, 106 (46): 19381-19386 (2009).


Simple non-fluorescent polarity labeling of Microtubules for Molecular Motor assays.
Virupakshi Soppina, Arpan Kumar Rai and Roop Mallik.
BioTechniques, 46, 297 (2009).


ISSR Analysis of chloroplast and mitochondrial genome can indicate the diversity in sugarcane genotypes for red - rot resistance.
Virupakshi Soppina and Gajanana Ramachandra Naik.
Sugar Technology10(1): 65-70 (2008).


Purification of DNA from chloroplast and mitochondria of sugarcane.
Virupakshi Soppina and Gajanana Ramachandra Naik.
Current Science, 92 (11): 1613 – 1619 (2007).


Production of a xylanolytic enzyme by thermoalkaliphilic Bacillus sp. JB-99 in solid state fermentation.
Virupakshi Soppina, Geeresh K. Babu, Satish R. Gaikwad and Gajanana Ramachandra Naik.
Process Biochemistry, 40: 431 - 435 (2005).


Partial purification and Characterization of Thermostable Alkaline ß-Mannanase from Bacillus sp. JB-99 Suitable for Pulp Bleaching.
Virupakshi Soppina, Geeresh K. Babu and Gajanana Ramachandra Naik. (2005).
Journal Microbiology and Biotechnology, 15(4): 689 - 693.


Peroxidase Isoenzyme polymorphism in popular sugarcane cultivars.
Manjunatha BR, Virupakshi Soppina and Gajanana Ramachandra Naik.
Current Science, 85(9): 1347 - 1349 (2003).


In vitro flower induction from a juvenile explant of sugarcane, Saccharum officinarum var. CoC 671.
Virupakshi Soppina, Manjunatha BR and Gajanana Ramachandra Naik.
Current Science, 83 (10): 1195-1197 (2002).


Cellulase-free Thermostable Alkaline Xylanase from Thermophilic and Alkalophilic Bacillus sp. JB-99.
Basappa Johnvesly, Virupakshi Soppina, Gundamma N. Patil, Ramalingam and Gajanana Ramachandra Naik.
Journal of Microbiology Biotechnology, 12 (1): 153 – 156 (2002).

Non-Peer Reviewed:

Molecular markers for salinity resistance in salt adapted sugarcane somaclones and other local cultivarsGajanana R. Naik, Virupakshi Soppina and Geeresh K. Babu (2005) The proceedings of the 15th International Plant Nutrition Colloquium, at Beijing, China, on September 14-19, (2005).

2) Genetic Polymorphism in Biotic and Abiotic Stress Resistant Sugarcane Somaclones.
Virupakshi Soppina and Gajanana R. Naik (2003).
National seminar on Advances in Genetics and Plant Breeding – Impact of DNA Revolution, University of Agricultural Science, Dharwad, October, (2003).


Cell and tissue culture for selection of biotic and abiotic stress resistant sugarcane lines and their molecular characterization. 
Gajanana R. Naik, Manjunatha BR, Virupakshi Soppina and Geeresh K. Babu (2003)
Int. Sem. On Sugarcane Genomics and Genetic Transformation, pp 30 – 32.

Books and Book Chapters
Chloroplast Genome in Plants and Crop Improvement’ chapter 4 in Advances in Plant Biotechnology (Eds: Dr. G.P. Rao, Yipeng Zhao, V.V. Radchuk & S.K. Bhatnagar) published by Studium Press LLC, Texas, USA, 2008, pp. 81 – 112 (ISBN: 1933699388). Virupakshi Soppina and Gajanana Ramachandra Naik (2008)

Acknowledgment for the contribution to the book ‘
Introduction to Basic Molecular Biology Techniques’ (2004) Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai, India (ISBN: 81-8318-030-2)’.

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